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ESG Compliance

The worldwide push for sustainability and equality creates an opportunity. ESG First Fund proactively assists businesses by empowering and enabling SMEs with limited or no access to traditional sources of financing, by providing non-dilutive capital.


Risk Mitigation

Businesses scale better on flexible capital. ESG Fund provides a mix of stock, quasi-equity, and debt to invest throughout the capital structure. The blend minimises risk while maximising upside.


Global Competence

With their ESG standards strengthened, businesses have the opportunity to build 'local champions,' i.e. national or regional leaders in ESG compliant export operations, thereby expanding the prospect for exits to greater private equity firms and strategic investors.

The worldwide push for sustainability and equality creates an opportunity. ESG First Fund assists businesses in proactively identifying ESG risks and implementing action plans to capitalize on ESG compliance.



Structured credit that empowers

Our offerings enable and empower businesses with no access to traditional sources of financing.

While each of our credit strategies has a distinct investment objective and risk & return profile, they are all grounded in Aavishkaar Capital’s unified investment philosophy. Prioritise ESG principles, risk management, and consistency — we say in unison.

Our investment attributes

$250 Mn ESG Structured Credit Fund for the Global South.

Strong ESG focus
Pursue gender-inclusive & climate-smart businesses, in addition to ESG compliance.

Resilient business model

Demonstrated revenue traction and customer validation with potential to scale.

Promising competitive advantage

Competitive advantage in delivering services with large addressable local and overseas demand.

Dedicated management teams

Ability to scale and strong intent to improve ESG standing.

Fitting portfolio construct

Alignment with ESG First Fund’s target portfolio to manage portfolio risk.

Our credit fund comes with an edge

ESG First Fund is mandated to cater to the capital needs of thriving SMEs that struggle to secure financing from traditional banks.
Future Focused Financing
We assess businesses based on their ability to generate predictable cash flows and profits in the future, rather than relying solely on historical performance.
Holistic Evaluation
We recognize the value of intangible assets and soft collateral such as management quality, long-term customer relationships, and intellectual property, in addition to hard assets and personal net worth.
Flexible Capital
Our capital is flexible and can meet your various business needs, including capital expenditure, expansion, working capital, and new market entry. We provide financing in multiple jurisdictions.
Bespoke & Customised
We go beyond the philosophy of “one size fits all”. Our investments are structured to align with the growth needs and repayment capacity of each business.
Value Beyond Capital
Beyond financial support, we technically assist passionate businesses to institutionalise. Sustainability and inclusion initiatives are part of our value creation.

Beyond ESG compliance, we enable firms to enter new markets and achieve greater pricing and profits.

Our solutions enable firms to enter new markets and achieve greater pricing and profits.

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