sustainable growth

A transformative fund that brings real change.

Structured credit that inspires and ignites change

Supports strategic growth

Non-dilutive and flexible credit offerings aligned with the needs and capabilities of the business.

Addresses consumer consciousness

We enable businesses to strengthen their ESG standards and fit their consumers' constructs, values, and preferences.

Adds value

With capacity in place, businesses are empowered to network, expand resources, scale, and think future.

$250 Million Fund, and the purpose is bigger than the numbers

ESG Structured Credit Fund for the Global South.

The tides of climate change and social inclusion are triggering a shift in the way businesses may grow and scale. This transformative moment is an opportunity to rethink business strategy for improved financial success — while meeting consumers’ increasing preference for sustainable and purpose-driven businesses.

Geographic Focus

Africa & SE Asia

$2m -$5m

Typical investment size

Investment Type

Structured credit

Committed to Returns

Focused on sustainable growth

Structured credit that goes from ESG compliance to value creation.

Our non-dilutive risk capital enables mid sized businesses to access new markets while generating greater pricing and profits.

Flexible Capital

Cash-flow based funding solutions

Asset Backed Solutions

Development financing and security backed loans

Networks & Deals

Significant business scaling into new markets